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American pop artist Drea Jeann expresses both the highs and lows of life through her music. Influenced by artists like Ariana Grande and Sara Bareilles, her artistry is infused by musical inspirations as well as her own life experiences. Drea doesn’t shy away from her honest approach to writing, turning each unique experience into universal pop songs that are vulnerable and impactful.

“I do my best work when it’s coming from the heart,” she confesses, expressing her need to personally connect to her songs. “I don’t like to write about something unless I’ve personally felt it.”

With a very early affinity towards music and performing since the age of 3, Drea has developed as a musician through her school years by exploring a broad range of genres such as jazz, musical theater, classical and pop.

Drea’s encounters in life are the heart of her lyrics. Her life-changing experiences that cover the battles of addiction and the hardships of relationships became the subject of some of her songs, such as “No Sympathy” and “Come Back To Me.”

After a fruitful creative partnership with six time Emmy award winning producer and songwriter Eddie Wohl, Drea Jeann released her debut single “Faithfully” in 2019, followed by several more singles over the past 3 years. In 2023 she signed with Rexius Records in pursuit to continue her growth as an artist.